Please pardon our appearance as we undergo a rather massive move from Haverhill, MA to Pittsburgh, PA!


Hey everyone! Please pardon the appearance of the website, but I'm currently in the process of moving from Haverhill, MA, to Pittsburgh, PA! Once I get situated in my new home you can expect this website to get a pretty big overhaul! After all I have a new logo now, a new name and a lot of my merchandise is pretty different from what it was back in early 2018, and even what I thought it was ever going to be! So please be patient with me for just a bit! Thank you all so much!

Kozy Koza is a small embroidery shop located in downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts. We take skills and expertise from the previous generation to serve the furry fandom and LGBTQ+ community with high quality clothing. We also provide manufacturing to individual artists and uniforms to local companies.